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About Mikko Rauhala

Mikko Rauhala is a Finnish SF author making their foray into the English speaking world. They often write their stories in both languages, which can get frustrating when there’s no one else to blame for the occasional double entendres.

Informed by their master’s degree in intelligent systems, they’re most at home in hard science fiction settings, though they’re not exclusive and like to cross genres. Whether the subject is steam powered gnomes or universal quantum suicide, Rauhala enjoys taking an eccentric premise and bringing it to its logical conclusion. As befits a Finn, their plot-driven narrative is often seasoned with a touch of dark, dry humor.

Ten of Rauhala’s short stories, as well as a variety of flash fiction, have been published in various Finnish media, and they have a national Atorox award nomination to show for it. In English, they’re a co-author of the Infinite Metropolis SF collection, and their short stories and flash fiction have been published in various other media.

Rauhala is an Associate member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

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