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Getting serious

Well then, dear reader. Things are getting serious enough to warrant an actual author page. While I’ve kept my portfolio of stories up to date over at my primary local publisher, it’s high time to address my no-doubt nascent international following directly. (Hello? Is this thing on?)

My short story career started in 2015 when I received an honorary mention in the main Finnish SF short story contest held annually by the Portti magazine. Since then I’ve had nine short stories plus a variety of flash fiction published in various local media. However, the wider world beckoned.

My foray into the English-speaking world started at Worldcon 75 with the publication of the anthology Never Stop. Within its pages may be found my English rendition of my Atorox award nominated short story, The Guardian of Kobayashi. I originally wrote the tale for a speculative pirate anthology which was, for some reason, altogether devoid of space pirates before I came along. And, of course, if one is to write a story about space pirates, it’s got to be hard science fiction.

Also in time for the Worldcon, I co-edited the drabble anthology The Self-Inflicted Relative, which does include some of my drabbles as well (chosen and edited by my co-editor Maija Haavisto). Not to be limited to nepotism, I have since had my English flash fiction published by a few independent outlets as well.

And now, well. Now we’ll see what comes next. Last year has seen several frustratingly close calls, but the direction is clear: more and more flattering rejections. Hopefully punctuated by the occasional success. Besides short stories, I do also have a novel manuscript that I’m trying to pawn off on someone–but I think I’ll do a whole separate sales pitch on that soon.

With that said, let us press on toward new and ever grander disappointments!

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