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Europa Rising

This veers slightly into yesterday’s news, but it’s still timely enough considering that I didn’t have this page up until now.

In December 2018, my story Europa Rising (Europa nousee in Finnish) received an honorary mention from the venerable Portti magazine, whose annual short story contests are the main event for many speculative authors in Finland. My entry will hopefully fit onto their pages sometime during 2019.

It just so happens that I have an English rendition available. It is, in fact, the primary source–and there was some gritting of teeth involved in conveying some of the subtleties in Finnish. The story was also the only non-US/UK entry to make it into the WOTF 2018q2 semi-finals (top-12)–but semi-finals don’t cut it for publication there, so first English rights are still up for grabs.

An isolated AI built for generating narrative mission logs recounts the tale of the first manned mission to Europa. As the crew drills into the moon’s icy depths in search for liquid water, they find more than they bargained for. Not to give it all away, the sci-fi here is hard but the tentacles Lovecraftian.

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