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To Infinity and Beyond

Aurelia Leo is publishing a monthly series of short stories set into the Infinite Metropolis conceived by Edmund Schlussel. The series presents the reader with a Manhattan whose various quantum many-worlds versions have been physically connected, both vertically and horizontally. The setting gives rise to various strange circumstances for the inhabitants of the city to contend with; they might end up dealing with identical–or surprisingly different–versions of themselves, trying to find their place in the vastness of the Metropolis, or, indeed, trying to find a way out. The short stories are accompanied by audio adaptations.

The series is particularly relevant to my interests because I have written four stories for it. My first episode, “The Happy Life”, is on-line now. Reading or listening to Edmund’s earlier episodes would be useful for context, though my quick introduction above should enable one to get the gist of it.

I hope people will enjoy the strange world of the Infinite Metropolis.

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