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Semi-Pros and Cons

The big news first: the Infinite Metropolis podcasts that Edmund and I are writing are to be collected into an audiobook, presently available for pre-order at Aurelia Leo. (I personally would be wary of saying anything before actual orders are being taken, but hey, who am I to argue with an official pre-order page.) Knock on wood that everything goes smoothly, but I guess I appear to be on my way to becoming an international (co-)author, in a small way.

Meanwhile, I’ll be giving a talk on Our New Robot Overlords at Finncon 2019 in Jyväskylä next weekend. For instance, I’ll be explaining how the AIs won’t kill or subjugate us because they hate or fear us–that’s blatant antropomorphisation. They’ll do it for completely different reasons. I’ll also outline a few methods a rogue AI might use to gain power, and take a glance at how the “subjugation” thing might actually be just fine. (I, for one, welcome etc!) The talk is scheduled for July 6th at 2 pm, and it will be in English.

Preliminarily, I seem to be slated to appear in some panels in Dublin 2019 as well, but I’ll get back to that later.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a decent year. As always, one hopes for a few pleasant surprises yet–the gears are ever grinding–but one mustn’t be greedy.

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