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Our New Robot Overlords

It’s probably high time I fulfilled my promise of putting up the slides for my Finncon 2019 talk, now that I’ve almost recovered from the con. Nothing, apparently, prepares you for public speaking like 4-5 hours nights! Can hurt coherency a bit, but so can stage fright, and there was pretty much none of that (though could increased experience have something to do with it? naah…). Maybe I should try that at Dublin 2019 as well? At present time I’m penciled in for several panels.

Anyway! The con was wonderful, thanks to everybody involved; had some excellent encounters, nifty networking, and peaceful piles. In addition to my prearranged talk, I was actually asked to fill in on the (Finnish language) panel on AI rights, where two of the original panelists were indisposed. I think we did well in handling the matter, though my fellow panelist Vesa Sisättö thought that I should not be able to pick the Finnish president if I uploaded myself and made ten million copies. I thought that was a bit oppressive of him.

But I digress. You may find the slides for my talk by clicking on its title below:

Our New Robot Overlords – Why and How They Will Take Over

Artificial intelligences that despise humanity are a tired sci-fi clishé. Happily, such an outcome would be highly unlikely in reality! Our new robot overlords will actually want to destroy–or, with a great deal of luck, subjugate–us for much less antropomorphic reasons. In this talk, we will present some entry-level theoretical background on what drives an advanced AI is likely to have and how these relate to the subject at hand. Then we will take a look at some potential methods for a superior intellect to take over the world. Finally, we will consider whether it could, in some scenarios, nevertheless be appropriate to simply welcome our new robot overlords.

The slides, of course, would benefit from the actual talk part, but sadly, there is no recording. I’m prepared to give the talk again at another interesting and geographically close enough venue, if there’s demand. (This is the talk that Dublin 2019 doesn’t want you to hear! It’s understandable though that they, perhaps, prioritize panels especially for us unknowns, and given that I am one, I consider myself privileged to be on several.)

Anyway, deadlines loom. I’m seeing about diversifying again, though still firmly within the confines of speculative fiction. Further bulletins will be made available as events warrant, or not.

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