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2020 Vision

It’s been an interesting start of the year. All of a sudden my works are due to be published in six distinct books in the first half of 2020.

First, the Infinite Metropolis collection (co-authored with Edmund Schluessel) was finalized, telling twelve short tales from the City That Never Sleeps, infinitely extended across quantum realities. The collection can be ordered from Aurelia Leo. A full audio version is still being finalized.

Second, I branched from my more usual darker wares into something more hopeful for a change: The Community of Magic Pens anthology from Atthis Arts features forty stories of joy, hope and community. The stories celebrate the power of the written word, featuring magical pens both fantastical and Clarkean, some even metaphorical. My story “Rekindled” lies firmly in the realm of fantasy, though the sharp reader may observe a smidgen of hard science fiction influence in this very humanistic story of a mother and daughter rekindling their relationship.

Careerwise, this anthology marks my first sale of a short story to an SFWA-qualifying professional market. My heartfelt thanks go to the editor, E.D.E. Bell, for believing in my work.

The Community of Magic Pens is due out in May, and is available for pre-order now. March orders of the paperback will include the E-book version as well, plus there’s the signed hardcover limited edition that is exclusive to the pre-order period. For the cost-conscious, you can reserve your E-book version for just $5.

Third, back to somewhat darker wares, Black Hare Press will be publishing “Europa Rising” in their Deep Sea anthology of cosmic horror. It is well that the editors wanted variety in their deep seas, as the one in mine orbits Jupiter. Kindle edition pre-orders for this one are available as well, and the anthology is due out in June.

I am quite pleased that this one found its home in the English-speaking world as well. My Finnish version of the story has already been published by Portti magazine following an honorary mention in their short story competition, and one of the judges specifically suggested that I try to get an English version out there “before somebody else thinks of it”. After a few close calls, and some not so close ones, we’re finally here.

As a curious piece of trivia, although the Finnish version of “Europa Rising” was published first, I actually wrote the English version first. So, Deep Sea will see the story in its original form for the first time!

And last but… also the least, my stories will also feature in several Black Hare Press dark drabble anthologies. Of these, Love and Hate are available for Kindle edition pre-order now, on their pages a myriad pieces of flash fiction on the darker side of love, and the usual side of hate.

Phew. It’s been a ride. The short story grind continues, of course, as does work on my new novel manuscript. And speaking of novel manuscripts, on Thursday I’ll be participating in #pitmad to pitch my existing one, The Heroborn.

Wish me luck. Good 2020 to all.

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