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Åcon, The Paperclip War, and … more A.I.?

Hello again to all my friends,

The con season started this year as it often does, with the small relaxacon at Åland. This year, I again had the opportunity to read a short story as part of the programme. This time, however, I could also proudly proclaim that the story would be published later this summer in my English collection Flashes in Time. Details to come on that, and maybe more!

Not to be all about stuff that isn’t out yet, my novelette The Paperclip War already found a home at Water Dragon Publishing. Thanks to the team there for helping me get my first English solo publication out in style! The story features AI, apocalypses (plural), and fending them off through unusually harsh game theoretic means. This one is for the AI doomers and lovers of hard but far out science fiction. While as a novelette the book is bite-sized, the digital edition from your vendor of choice will only set you back $0.99. Paperback is also available.

Along with such good tidings, the summer cons are beckoning with their AI panels and whatnot. Health permitting, I will be seeing everyone in Glasgow 2024 as well.

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